Apache Configurations

This architecture includes an app/.htaccess file that does many things for you:

  1. Redirect all traffic to HTTPS because ServiceWorker only works for encrypted traffic.
  2. Rewrite all pages (e.g. yourdomain.com/subpage) to yourdomain.com/index.html to let react-router take care of presenting the correct page.
  3. Ensure that sw.js is not cached. This is required for updates to be downloaded in offline-first mode.
  4. Ensure all the other files has an expiration cache.
  5. Ensure all the compressed content are handling correctly

Note: For performance reasons you should probably adapt this to run as a static .conf file (typically under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled or similar) so that your server doesn't have to apply these rules dynamically per request)

You can add any other part of configuration you want, if are confident with web server.


.htaccess can only provide security by redirecting HTTP to HTTPS

Note: For a detailed security configuration in apache httpd, a .conf file is necessary. You can use Mozilla's TLS Configurator to get some examples.